As a matter of interest you all must be thinking that how do people surf the web anonymously, by hiding their IP and all. So, here is the thing you need to do in order to surf the internet anonymously. Along with surfing the internet as an anonymous this browser is used for sufring Deep & Dark Web.(Normal browsers can not open the websites in deep & dark web)

But before we start her are some basic information about the software which we are going to use:-TOR? What exactly is TOR ? so, here is the answer

TOR is a non-profit organisation which was started by the government of US. TOR was developed by the US Navy. TOR project’s was stared to protect the internet users privacy from corporations rather than governments.TOR is basically a privacy tool.

What Actually TOR Browser Do?

Tor actually hide your IP address and bounces your IP to different location in the country so the web page that you visited will never get your IP and can not track your location.

How does TOR works?

Let’s say I want to access the website that’s located at this server. My computer will connect to another computer in the Tor Network, which connects to another and another and so on.

Eventually, one of them will connect to the server,which can send back information using this pattern.

However, none of the computers in the Tor network know who is getting what.The computer that connect to isn’t the same as the one that connected to the server. Hence, you are anonymous.


For PC User’s

Step 1:- Download Tor form the link given below(download size=51.0 mb)


Step 2:-Now Install the application

Step 3:- After the installation launch the application.

Step 4:-After opening the application Click on the “Connect” Button 

Step 5:-After this the application will check your network connection 

Step 6:-After the all process have completed there will be a new Browser that will be a Tor Browser enjoy your surfing .

For Mobile Users

Step 1:-Go to the play store and search Orbot and download it OR

Step 2:-And also download the Orfox: Tor Browser for Android From the play store OR


Step 3:-After download open Orbot and press the start it will secure your connection then.

Step 4:-Open Orfox and enjoy

 Search what so ever you want to and enjoy your surfing the web anonymously .

WARNING:- This is only for educational purposes. Please do not misuse it and do not try to use deep web or dark web with this. TOR has been illegal because government does not allow user to hide there IP. Use it on your own risks


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