A simple trick to use Netflix fore free

So, you are getting boared and you need something to chill out, Netflix is the probably best option then as with Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of Movies & Series without having to watch a single commercial. But, wait! It is not free, it’s paid! So, what are you going to do? I’ve got something for you then. A trick By which you can use Netflix for free without even paying a penny & what all it is going to take is a minute.

    (a)Mobile Phone
    (b)Pan Card (Optional)


STEP 1: Download SBI Buddy app, You can download it from Google play store. it would just take a few minutes to get downloaded and installed. This application will help us to get a Virtual credit card.

STEP 2: After the SBI Buddy app get installed. open it and regsiter yourself with the app. For registration a PAN card is requires. So, either enter your own PAN card number or if you don’t have one you can use a fake PAN card number. You can use any of these numbers given below for the registration.


STEP 3: After the Registration process request for a Virtual credit card, you can do so by cicking on the option of “Pay with Buddy Card“. And within a moment you will get a Virtual credit card of your own with O rupees balance.

STEP 4: Go to Netflix.com and sign up. Choose UHD plan and when it’ll ask you for DEBIT/CREDIT card just enter Your virtual credit card details.

Congratulations! You can use Netflix for 1 month for free now. Repeat the Trick again & again.
NOTE-> You can generate unlimited Virtual Credit Cards with SBI Buddy app.


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