4 Easy Ways to Increase Battery Life In Smartphones
4 Easy Ways to Increase Battery Life In Smartphones

Nowadays billions of people are using mobile phones and the most common problem everyone of us faces is the short battery life and this happens because most of us use our phones excessively that’s probably the need of this generation, the more we use our smartphones recklessly lesser the life of our smartphone batteries gets. So, here are 4 easy ways to increase battery life in Smartphones.

Minimize Vibrations

Well, every smartphone has got a little motor known as ERM which is an eccentric rotating mass vibration motor that has an unbalanced load attached to it. The rotation of this load produces vibration. If you have enabled the vibration on Keyboard or touch, then you need to disable it. For that, head over to Settings > Sound and disable the vibrate on touch and other options.

Uninstall the applications you don’t use

Although we install a lot of applications in our phones but the truth is we don’t even use 70% of them. The application takes space in your memory, it may run in background causing drainage of battery. So, you must delete those applications which you don’t use for a better battery life.

Update your Apps regularly

Most of us ignore to update the apps. However, the updated app has lesser bug than the non-updated apps which has the power consuming bugs apparently. Don’t ignore app updates because it can help you to avoid bugs and other issues that are related to your smartphone and battery.

Avoid high temperature

It is one of the main cause behind the damaged battery of your smartphone, leaving your mobile phone under high exposure may result into a damaged battery which will cause short battery life. So, avoiding high temperature would probably be a better option.



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